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Gutterology 101 Series

Proper Gutter Installation

Proper gutter installation requires a solid flush fascia board.  Not all builders provide this by way of installing a shadow board (freeze board or second element). Mostly for aesthetic reasons.

Shadow Board

Here a narrow shadow board was built in. The drip edge goes beyond this.   

Poor Installation

Now, the gutter must go against the fascia and below the shadow board.  This is too low. Rain will go a) over the gutter and b) behind the gutter.

Added Build Out.

By adding a Build Out (1″ x 4″, in this case) on top of the Fascia Board…..


….the Gutter Monkeys can install the gutter UNDER the Drip Edge, supported by the Build Out.  NOW, ALL the rain is caught in the gutter and water will not seep behind the gutter (causing rot damage).